Nutritional Yeast. Wait…where did it go?

Earlier today I reposted an article on nutritional yeast from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen Blog.  Even though all credit was given to her and the link to her blog were included, Susan, who owns the blog, decided she did not want her pictures or text shared on this blog. So, per her request, I have removed the post. It is an informative article about an ingredient that seems to have some mystique about it. So if you would like to read it, I will provide the link:


One thought on “Nutritional Yeast. Wait…where did it go?

  1. Thanks for removing the article and for providing a link back. I’m always happy for people to share links to my blog, and I try to share links to other blogs when I find them useful, but when an article is copied from its original site, it loses value with search engines and diverts readers away from the writer who actually created it.

    I appreciate your fast response and am glad you liked the article. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

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