Sandwiches from Thanksgiving Leftovers–No Turkey Needed!

One of my father’s favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner has always been the turkey sandwich made the next day from the leftovers. The thought of crusty bread piled high with turkey, onions and extra mayo would make his mouth water. I think the tradition of it appealed to him just as much, if not more than the actual sandwich. Vegetarians don’t have the next-day-turkey-sandwich-tradition to anticipate, but if you don’t already have your own way of dealing with leftovers, Chef Jeff Mauro has created some tasty sandwiches that be the start of your very own tradition. If his name sounds familiar, it is because he won “The Next Food Network Star”.  His speciality is sandwiches and boy has he risen to the challenge, coming up with creative and mouth watering sandwiches. Think Sweet potato and Toasted Pecan Grilled Cheese or Cranberry-Brie Arepas. Yum!  Follow the link for the article from the New York Times and the recipes.


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