Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

That is how Joe Cross described the condition in which he found himself.  Overweight, suffering from a rare medical condition and on a direct path to a heart attack. Joe, a very likable Australian, decided to take charge and regain the health he had lost. He embarks on a 60 day trip across America while completing a green juice fast.  With his juicer in he back of his car connected to a generator, he introduces hundred of people to juicing while talking to them about health, diet and longevity.  Along the way, he meets a truck driver who is suffering from the exact same illness and who, I might add, matches the title of the documentary. Both men are transformed in many ways.  It is an amazing journey that is thought provoking, uplifting, inspiring and has the potential to be life changing for many.

We will be viewing Fat Sick and Nearly Dead at our next Eating Without Meat gathering, talking about juicing and sampling examples of green juices.  Enjoy the trailer below and keep your eyes on this page for more information.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Official Trailer from Team Reboot on Vimeo.


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