This is a really good (and funny) article with some valid points regarding fake meat products. Having tried some of the fake meat products myself, I think as a whole, they are a great turn off. Vegetables, grains and beans are beautiful and lend themselves to wonderful, tasty and creative dishes that highlight the deliciousness of these ingredients. What do you think? Do you agree with this blogger? Do you enjoy fake meat products?


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  1. Well, if you have kids, those fake chicken nuggets seem to do the trick. They love them! I’m not for the pretend food but I’m not a 100% vegetarian either, so… I enjoy tofu that I cook smashed. At the end, when it looks less watery, I add Tamara or soy sauce and it becomes a very good “pretend ground beef” for the spaghetti bolognese. I love tempeh but I don’t know where to find it here on the island… I personally don’t like the tone of the article, a little snobby or so, but that’s just me…!

  2. i think for the person making the transition from one way of living to another, not matter what the transition is about, moving into new waters is frightening, and maybe that connection through the “pretend” meat products to their old life is what they need. To me is of no importance what it’s call, i do like tofurky. That’s the only product i buy, and my kids love it!
    Benedicte: Publix sells tempeth in the refridgereted organic section, by the produce part of the supermaket.

  3. People have many reasons for either decreasing the amount of meat in their diet or giving it up altogether. I think it would help the transition to replace meat with vegetables or herbs instead of using fake meat products as somewhat of a crutch. Adding beans or carrots to a dish can make it more hearty and the absence of meat in it may not even be noticed. I have tried Tofurky and Tempeh and found neither to actually replicate the taste or texture of meat and if that is truly what a person is looking for, they will be disappointed. And, I still haven’t figured out the controversy over soy and a lot of these products are soy based. From what I understand, there are some newer products out their that instead of containing soy, contain beans and vegetables. I would be more likely to try those.

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