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There are many reasons for adopting a meatless diet. One of them is the treatment of animals in America’s factory farms. If you have ever read accounts from Michael Pollan and the like, or seen videos, then I don’t know how you couldn’t look at cellophane wrapped packages of meat or poultry a little differently. It is really, really bad. But I am heartened that there does seem to be a movement on the horizon which will hopefully lead to some positive changes. This video from Chiptole Grill chronicles a farmer turning his farm into a factory farm then going back to more sustainable practices.  It is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a very long time.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup and Arsenic

Many foods marketed to the health conscious contain an ingredient called brown rice syrup as a sweetener. A study was recently published that found high levels of Arsenic in foods such as baby formula, energy bars and cereal bars. Read more here.

Cathy Fisher creates and demonstrates recipes at 2 inpatient nutrition facilities: True North Health Center & The McDougall Program. Both facilities promote improving health through low-fat, plant based diets. Her philosphy?

My philosophy and teaching focus on the belief that health is the body’s normal state and that chronic disease and discomfort are not the inevitable outcomes of aging or bad genes (in the majority of cases), but are the result of lifestyle and nutritional habits cultivated over a lifetime.

And best of all:  the recipes look great!  Check out this Split Pea & Yam Soup. If you try any of them, let us know!  Post your comments.