To Nourish and Sustain Us…

As much as anything, it is our beliefs that shape us and give form to our lives.  Our beliefs determine the choices we make, the roads we take and the options we leave behind.

It seems so simple….we eat.  But what?  The answer to that may partially be dictated by our beliefs about food:  What is food? Where does it come from? Do ingredients matter? Does how something is raised matter? Does the distance from its origin to the plate matter?  Does what you eat affect your health? There are many more questions, and all of it is food for thought, literally. But beyond our individual beliefs, our food choices are also influenced by our culture, our family, our friends and our lifestyle. No matter what the factors are in our lives, I believe that when it comes to what we feed our body, we should do so mindfully.

It is my hope that through this blog, people who have similar beliefs about food can connect.  That like-minded people can come together and be supported and affirmed.  But also, it is my hope that this can be a place of learning and sharing.  The name of this blog, is Eating Without Meat of the Lowcountry.  We are a group that meets once a month for food, community and sharing. Some of us are vegetarians, some are vegan, some have adopted a plant-based diet, and some are somewhere in between. The one thing that unites us, is mindful eating, for our health, our planet and/or our beliefs.  We hope you join us.