When I think of Kinfolk, I think of those closest to me:  my family–those of us connected by blood, as well as those of us connected by some common bond or shared experience. My kin. My peeps. My community. The people I choose to surround myself with because of some commonality.  Kinfolk. It is also the name of a community of artists, a magazine and a blog with the mission of  “encouraging a natural approach to spending time with friends and family”. The members of this group all have a shard interest in small gatherings.  We all gather, and often over a meal, a glass of wine, a cup of coffee.  Food, I believe, is a great unifier.  Food brings people together and is able to transcend many barriers.  Kinfolk has a manifesto.  I think it is beautifully presented and I couldn’t agree more with its message. What do you think?

If you have a bit of hunger….for like minded people, for knowledge, for community, for shared experiences, for great vegetarian and/or vegan food, we come together once a month.  Eating Without Meat of the Lowcountry.