Food Movies

After we watched the wonderful Forks Over Knives last month, this list of food movies was shared with us. I am posting a partial list here and, if available the trailer. Some of these are not actual movies, but lectures and excerpts, if available, are posted.

Eating by Mike Anderson

Healing Cancer From the Inside Out

Should I Eat That? How to Chose the Healthiest Foods by Jeff Novick

Fast Food by Jeff Novick

Calorie Density: How to Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer by Jeff Novick

Lighten Up: Weighing In on the Weight Debate by Jeff Novick

Nuts and Health: What the Science Really Says by Jeff Novick

You may notice that there are quite a few movies/lectures from Jeff Novick. Well, who is he?? Turns out, he is a nutritionist and dietician of vast knowledge and experience. From his website: “He is Vice President of Health Promotion for Executive Health Exams International and lectures at the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California and at the Engine 2 Immersion program in Austin, TX.  He is also the Director of Nutrition for the Meals for Health community project which is helping empower low-income families to achieve optimal health.” I have listened to excerpts of his lectures and he come across and very knowledgeable, but with a laid back and humorous delivery. He is well worth listening to.

This list of recommended food movies/lectures is far from complete. Movies about food seem to be as popular now as ever. What are your favorite movies or documentaries about food? Have you listened to any amazing TED talks about food that influenced your diet? Share your recommendations in the comments section.