Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants (Lowcountry)

by Andre Kertesz (Paris, 1928)This is a new section of the blog that I feel is very important.  Before I adopted a plant-based diet, I did not realize how meat laden most restaurant menus are.  Vegetables are often an after thought and treated as something used to dress up the meat/poultry/seafood. And if you live in the south, it is not uncommon to find that many vegetables are cooked with bacon, ham, etc. It was especially difficult to eat out over the 40 days that I gave up all animal protein. As my family and I enjoy eating out, I want to be able to go to a restaurant and know that I have options besides salad.  And as more and more people seem to be becoming more mindful and aware about what they are putting in their bodies, lets build a list of local (Savannah, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Charleston) restaurants where you can have a wonderful meal, while eating within the bounds of your particular preferences.  So if you know of one, let us know.  Otherwise, check this space often!


7 thoughts on “Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants (Lowcountry)

  1. Roastfish and Cornbread and Delisheee Yo are the only two restaurants that I know of who serve whole grain. As a “recovering Macrobiotic,” I am a firm believer in the advantages of eating some form of whole grain, (brown rice, quinoa, barley, millet,etc.) at every meal, or at least everyday. Why don’t other restaurants serve whole grain? I really don’t know, but perhaps it’s because it takes longer to cook. Let’s start suggesting this,and maybe we will see more healthy places to eat!

  2. The Asian Bistro on New Orleans Road will serve brown rice instead of white if you request it. They also have many dishes that you can order just with vegetables or tofu, rather than meat or shrimp.

  3. Truffles restaurant in Bluffton assured me their delicious Spinach Salad with sliced green apples & walnuts (without the soft cheese) is vegan including the luscious balsamic poppyseed dressing. I’ve gotten the same assurance the few times I’ve gone to Truffles-Bluffton this year. I have also ordered their luscious mushroom appetizer with no butter added toasted crostini to go with my spinach salad. Both menu items converted to vegan are wonderful. The luscious vegan spinach salad is reasonably priced but during my last visit a couple of months ago I expressed my disappointment to Truffles about the high price of the mushroom appetizer! I need to decide to order one dish or the other of my Truffles vegan delights rather than both where I end up paying a ridiculous cost that is in many cases higher than Truffles animal-based dishes that include side items! It’s a good example of an instance where plant based eaters pay MORE to eat healthy and the animal eaters pay a LOWER cost for presumably more expensive meat and seafood. I agree with Betty’s positive comments about Roast Fish and Cornbread restaurant on Hilton Head Island! It’s my favorite restaurant and has reasonable prices. Thanks for the helpful comments and an opportunity to share!

  4. Saigon Cafe in Bluffton has a good menu for vegan. They offer a wonderful and generous Pho, a Vietnamese soup with vegetables, served in a big bowl.
    About brown rice, it’s only worth ordering brown rice if you are certain that it’s organic. The non-organic brown rice unfortunately is worst than the white one because all pesticides accumulates in the rice sheath.

    • Thanks Benedicte. I haven’t been to Saigon Cafe since they first opened. I definitely need to revisit. And thanks for the information about brown rice. I’d never considered how much of a difference there could be between organic and non-organic brown rice.

  5. Not to take away from this wonderful site, but this website and app on my phone has come in really handy. This is a national program for identifying and reviewing vegan, vegetarian, and ethical restaurants with their very own smart phone app taking all of the guess-work out and making it much easier to find a good place to eat in a pinch:

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